Target: 50 percent reduce of climate footprint by 2025

Ambea shall reduce the GHG emissions we can control* by 50 percent by 2025, and by 30 percent as early as 2020–2021. All compared with the base year of 2019. This target was set by Ambea’s Board in 2020.

Ambea’s activities give rise to emissions and we will take responsibility for them. Our calculation of Ambea’s GHG emissions in 2020 is 15,250 tonnes, compared with 20,668 tonnes in 2019. The table below shows how our GHG emissions are divided into various sources (scopes) and operational countries.**

Emission-reduction initiatives

Based on our 2019 emissions, we identified the following topics as material for reducing Ambea’s CO2 emissions: energy, travel and transport, food and waste management. Read more about emission-reduction initiatives

Looking forward

In 2021, a key priority will be to establish a climate action organisation to ensure that Ambea’s GHG emissions continue to decline. The goal is an organisation in which all employees are working, in any way they can, to reduce our CO2 emissions.



* Total GHG emission according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol excluding commuting travel (sub-categorie 3:7), which Ambea does not have the possibility to affect in the short term.

** There may be more GHG emissions in categories that we do not report. However, our hypothesis is that our emissions are very low or zero in these categories.