Ambea’s start-up process

Our new construction is based on a structured establishment process, and it normally takes two years from turning the first sod until inauguration:

1. Localisation. Ambea uses a demographic analysis tool with population statistics to predict future care needs per municipality. The results are compared with the number of existing facilities in the municipality and their status. At the same time, we assess political attitudes towards private care providers in the actual municipality and surrounding municipalities and engage in dialogue with leading politicians and officials.

2. Construction. We partner with leading construction companies and sign long-term rental contracts, normally 10–15 years. That creates the conditions for customising the premises for our units, concepts and target groups. Nursing homes are optimised for people with dementia, poor eyesight and other disabilities. Group homes for people with disabilities are built to provide enhanced accessibility and meet required standards of sound insulation to ensure quiet apartments. For environmental reasons, we construct in places that are accessible by public transport as far as possible.

3. Municipal contacts. During the construction period, we maintain regular contact with the municipality to align the focus of the unit with the municipality’s needs and preferences.

4. Marketing. Alongside of the construction, we work to raise awareness of our brands amongst relevant target groups and future employees. We use social media platforms for most of our advertising. At a later stage, we also advertise in the local press, and arrange seminars and guided tours.

5. Recruitment of employees. About six months before opening, the recruitment of employees begins. We often become a major employer, especially when we are starting up in small locations.