We invest in sustainable growth

Ambea is establishing new residential care facilities across Scandinavia where we offer long-term and high-quality social care. That is how we relieve the burden on municipalities that need to increase their care capacity. At the same time, we are building and running our operations efficiently and climate-smart – to maximise the use of our resources.

As the ageing population increases, hundreds of new residential facilities will be needed across Scandinavia. Many existing municipal facilities are also in poor condition and need to be replaced. These trends are burdening municipalities, who are responsible for ensuring that their residents – both today and tomorrow – receive the care they are entitled to.

Building new residential facilities is a complex process that requires both knowledge and capital, and also takes time.Over the past four years, Ambea has been creating a start-up process that we are continuously developing and improving. Because we start up so many new facilities, we
are always acquiring more knowledge to use in the next project. That is a major advantage compared with medium-sized municipalities who don’t ever build more than a few new facilities and do not therefore have the same opportunities to accumulate knowledge.

Overall, that creates ideal conditions for Ambea to build modern, attractive and purpose-built residential facilities, and thereby help municipalities offer effective and high-quality care to their residents. We also build space-efficiently, to ensure low energy use and enable new, efficient, and thereby financially viable ways to organise how we work.

Ambea’s start-up process

From localisation to recruitment. This is how we work.