New perspective for Ali and the students at Mellansjö School

After three months in an internship at Nytida’s Mellansjö School, Ali Eido, a Syrian refugee and asylum-seeker, was offered a teacher’s aide position.

“I’m so excited to be able to build on my experience in child psychology and continue working with children here in Sweden,” says Ali.

Mellansjö School serves primary- and middle-school children who require extra support and social training. We spent some time at the school talking with Ali Eido. Before fleeing to Sweden from Syria, he studied child psychology at a university in Damascus, and worked with children with Down Syndrome. His background made him an ideal candidate for when he met with Mellansjö School staff at a recruiting “speed date” at the Swedish Migration Agency in spring 2016.

Speed dating has been one method used to match interested asylum-seekers with positions at Nytida and Vardaga facilities. The initiative was part of an internship project arranged by Ambea, Nytida and Vardaga in 2016 in cooperation with the Swedish Migration Agency.

“It’s fantastic that I came in contact with Mellansjö School and that I have the opportunity to work with such wonderful people. I’m so glad I can continue working with children; it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. It’s also so important to have a job, to be a part of a team and to learn about Swedish life and culture. It’s given me my dignity back and I feel human again,” says Ali.

As a teacher’s aide, Ali provides extra support in teaching and during after-school activities. Both students and staff see him as an invaluable resource, says teacher and mentor Caroline Dufwa Ek.

“We’re so proud to have Ali working with us. He contributes so much because of his considerable experience in working with children with learning difficulties. The students love him,” says Caroline.

In brief

Mellansjö School is a primary and middle special-needs school where students’ requirements, strengths, interests and dream determine a large part of the school’s schedule and activities. The school places particular emphasis on practical and aesthetic subjects, as well as outdoor classroom teaching. Mellansjö also offers after-school activities on its premises.

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