Jennifer activates Villa Tärnö residents’ interest in the gym

Every Wednesday is full of energy at Vardaga Villa Tärnö’s age-adapted gym, when personal trainer Jennifer Tengström from Elit Sports Club conducts group workouts with residents.

Gym visitors can choose from free weights, Pilates balls, rubber bands and much more – everything is here for maintaining good physical fitness.

“It’s so important to continue getting exercise, even as we get older. Regular activity prevents osteoporosis, improves balance, and keeps the nervous system and bones in good shape. Even small amounts of activity create benefits for older persons and make a big difference in quality of life,” says Jennifer.

Villa Tärnö’s physical therapist, Lina Lüthi, is always on hand at workouts to assist Jennifer. Lina is a welcome addition because the group exercise sessions are very popular. Operations manager Yvonne Pettersson says that both she and the residents’ families have been pleasantly surprised at the keen interest on the part of the residents.

“Sometimes there’s even a line to get in to the workout session. When I told some of the family members, they just couldn’t believe it, so some have come for a visit to see for themselves. We can see that the program has a positive influence on the residents. After the first session, for example, all the participants slept very well and through the night,” says Yvonne.

In brief

The recently built elder-care facility Villa Tärnö in Farsta opened its doors in June 2016. It can house 75 residents and offers many different activities, and the focus is on maintaining good health while also enjoying culture, good food and other features that promote wellbeing.

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