Every day is different

In his work as a qualified contact person for Nytida Youth Support Outpatient Care, Gustaf Segerström welcomes new challenges every day.

When asked to describe a typical workday, Gustaf Segerström turns thoughtful before answering. “Someone might need a ride to school in the morning,” he explains after reflecting a moment. “Then someone else might want me to drop by to help go through their bills, and a third person might want some help in planning activities. A lot of the time it’s about helping these young people in carrying out everyday tasks so they can manage on their own in the future. But it’s also a matter of social training and support in cases of substance abuse and mental illness.” Depending on what’s going on for the moment, he meets the kids wherever it’s most convenient – in their training apartments, in their homes, in town… The job involves quite a bit of travel, mostly in the northern Stockholm area, which is Gustaf Segerström’s work district.

He is a member of one of the three teams at Nytida Youth Support Outpatient Care in Spånga, northwest of Stockholm. About 20 people work for this care facility in Spånga – a rapidly expanding operation offering qualified contact persons, training apartments for practicing independent living, the Startskottet outpatient care program, family treatment and counselor-supported sheltered housing and family homes.

The staff includes social workers and behaviorists. Gustaf Segerström is trained as a professional social educator.

“I find that the skills I learned during my studies are of great benefit – such as competence in interaction, diagnoses and conversation techniques,” he says, and adds that he has previous experience from working in schools and care homes. Gustaf came to Youth Support because the job appealed to him – there is freedom to develop stronger connections with his clients than in previous jobs. After having worked for Youth Support for about two years, Gustaf says that the job has exceeded his expectations, even if it’s a challenge to work on his own as much as he does. When asked what he thinks is the best thing about the job, Gustaf Segerström doesn’t hesitate.

“It’s a great feeling to see when someone makes progress after we’ve worked hard together!”

In 2016 Gustaf and his colleagues received the Nytida and Vardaga Quality Award.

­ “We were thrilled to get the award – it’s a confirmation that all the work we’ve done has been worthwhile.”

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