Active everyday managers

Effective leadership is essential for the function and development of Ambea’s operations. All of the Group’s managers undergo training in active and values-based leadership, based on our set of values Our World.

Fast support and feedback

A distinctive feature of leadership in Ambea is managers who are responsive and involved in the everyday life of their employees. There are team managers in the units who work as supervisors for about 20 per cent of their time, and with care for 80 per cent. Team managers are normally responsible for a team of about ten employees in a department, and they work alongside their team members for most of their working hours. This means that employees can receive fast support and feedback from their manager – a model that is highly appreciated by both employees and managers.

Leadership follow-up and development

Twice per year, we ask all employees three questions about their line manager, and their answers are anonymous. The aim is to ensure that the leadership Ambea strives for is also alive and well in our units. The questions we ask our employees are mainly related to the manager’s commitment, ability to provide support and coaching, and ability to structure work processes. The results form Ambea’s total leadership index score, but the most important factor is that every individual manager is receptive to the feedback and develops their leadership.