We develop the best employees in the industry

Working at Ambea makes a difference for people who need assistance and support. To equip our employees, we work with a strong set of values, responsive managers, continuous skills development and attractive career opportunities. We are developing the best employees in the care industry.

Care delivery is labour-intensive. The need for employees is great and is expected to rise sharply in the coming years due to the growing need for care created by demographic changes. Furthermore, retiring employees will create a significant need for new recruitments. Attracting and retaining competent employees is therefore crucial to Ambea’s ability to continue providing high-quality social care.

To ensure skills supply, Ambea works in a variety of ways The underlying principle is to be an attractive employer by offering good working conditions and a pleasant work environment. Ambea also stands out because of the company’s development and career opportunities, as well as coaching and supportive leadership for care workers. Another key factor is our online and streamlined recruitment process that we are continuously developing.

Our World provides the answers

Our set of values, Our World, provides a stable platform for all of the Group’s employees.

Active everyday managers

Effective leadership is essential for the function and development of Ambea’s operations.

Skills development and career

Skills development is a strategic focus at Ambea.


Jobs and integration at Ambea

Since 2016, Ambea has been running a number of projects in Sweden that offer work placements, training and job opportunities for newly arrived residents.  At the end of 2020, opportunities had been offered to more than 1,200 newly arrived residents. The aim is to find valuable employees for our units, while also promoting social integration.

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