Sustainable care strategy

Quality and sustainability are integral parts of Ambea’s strategy and engage the entire company, from each individual employee to Board members. On these pages, you can read more about our sustainable care strategy – for individuals and for society.

Ambea’s mission is to create enough safe and secure care for everyone. To achieve this mission, we use three strategies that are long-term and sustainable for society, our care receivers, our employees and the environment. These strategies also form the basis for successful business development within Ambea.

Our three strategies

Climate footprint and environmental management

Ambea shall reduce the GHG emissions we can control by 50 per cent by 2025, and by 30 per cent as early as 2020–2021. All compared with the base year of 2019. This target was set by Ambea’s Board in 2020.

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Respect for individuals, the community and the environment

The illustration shows how sustainability is integrated into Ambea’s strategies. Please refer to our Annual report with Sustainability report for more information.