In the almost 500 individual care operations in Nytida and Vardaga, we provide support, care, training and treatment 24 hours a day. Our target groups are made up of individuals, all of whom have their own wishes and requirements with respect to provision of care and how they are treated. Our customers and our employees must be able to count on reliable, safe and high-quality care. That’s why the foundation of all our work is focus on the individual. Respect and empathy for each and every individual permeate all areas of our operations.

Within Ambea, everyone shall have the right to a dignified life, including physical, mental and social wellbeing. All Ambea’s colleagues must be able to feel included and that we are listening to them. Those residing in or visiting our facilities must be met with attentiveness and respect – even when they have difficulties in communicating their own wishes.

Zero tolerance for offensive behavior

Our Code of Conduct requires zero tolerance for all forms of offensive or discriminatory behavior based on functional disability, gender, sexual orientation, social background, age, nationality or religious beliefs. For us, it’s important that everyone is treated equally and is given the same opportunities. Each Ambea manager has a specific duty to serve as a good example.

Ambea’s equality plan and equal treatment plan describe prioritized measures for ensuring equal treatment in our daily operations. As a company we strive to prevent discrimination and when necessary we work to ensure any necessary changes in employee behavior.

Cultural diversity develops our organization

At Ambea, we consider our diversity to be one of our strengths. It helps us develop, both as individuals and as a company. Many of us at Ambea have a non-Swedish background. Our organization benefits greatly from this variety of perspectives and approaches. We think it’s great that our diverse origins reflect the background of our care recipients and our society at large; it makes it easier to communicate with and understand each other.

More women in leadership

Ambea strives to achieve equality in its share of men and women in the workplace, equal employment conditions and equal pay for equal work. We have also increased the number of women in executive posts in recent years.