Maintaining today’s high level of care demands significant growth and new ways of working. Ambea believes in cooperation and that by working together we can find the best solutions to overcome the shared challenges we face as a society.

We want to take an active role to contribute new knowledge and new perspectives that can shape and develop the care of the future. Issues we are addressing include working methods and interaction with customers, for example through the Academy for Dementia Care and our “Like Home Cooking” (Mat som hemma) initiative, which emphasizes the significance of the meal experience for increased quality of life.

Through our Lära education program, we provide training for care personnel and participate in care research.

Creating security, activity, participation and independence in daily life for our care recipients is the basis for our participation in and support of projects within assistive technology.

These projects can develop new technologies to simplify employees’ work and free up time, for example by registering information directly in a tablet when meeting with care recipients. Various apps can be used to ensure safer medication use, to allow care recipients to keep abreast of daily activities and when communicating with parents in other languages than Swedish. In two Vardaga homes, we are currently testing a digital solution with optical sensors in freely accessible areas. The purpose is to increase the safety and security of residents during nighttime hours and make it easier for employees to prioritize their tasks. Using assistive technologies demands great respect for the integrity of individuals. Ambea wants to be a part of determining the requirements and ensuring that these requirements are based on the prerequisites of the operation and each individual, while also promoting new and positive development within the field.