Ambea is a reliable, credible presence in the care market. Therefore, it’s crucial that our operations and quality efforts are characterized by continuity and effective measures to reduce risk, and that routines for documentation and quality measurement are strictly followed. Transparency is our watchword and it’s how we gain the trust of the surrounding community and our stakeholders.

Clarity and transparency about ourselves, our industry and its conditions are essential if Ambea is to enjoy the trust of individuals and decision-makers. Our Code of Conduct lays out our ethical guidelines for our work and clarifies our core values and approach. Our Qualimax quality management system helps us follow up our most important issues of responsibility in terms of the workplace, anticorruption measures, ethical marketing and environmental practices.

We maintain honest, responsible business relationships with the authorities and others who engage us for care. We negotiate responsibly to ensure that society’s resources are managed and used in the most efficient way possible. Our operations are established on firm foundations and on open agreements.

To ensure the safety and security of all Ambea employees, we apply a “whistle-blower” system known as the Ethics Ombudsman (Etikombudsmannen). Ambea employees can turn to the Ombudsman, for example if they suspect violations of Ambea’s Code of Conduct or are concerned or unsure about whether a certain behavior is right or wrong. All such reports are made anonymously.

Environmental responsibility

Ambea strives to minimize and prevent negative impacts of operations on the environment. We take our responsibility by applying our environmental policy and steering documents regulating environmental matters such as requirements on buildings, resources, transportation and business-related travel. We measure and follow up our quality work in our Qualimax management system.