Working with quality in everything we do

Our quality efforts involve all Ambea colleagues and we have carefully integrated these activities in our operations, for example through quality, environmental and workplace councils, quality talks with all employees and in-house meetings.

We document the work using modern, IT-based tools to ensure that we can verify data and always have up-to-date, traceable information as we raise the bar and set new quality goals for the future.

Customer satisfaction

The experiences of Ambea’s care recipients is our very best measure of how well we are succeeding in our quality management and in understanding what we can do better. That’s why we value our quality investigations, where recipients themselves tell us what they think about the service, support and care we provide. It’s also very important for us so that we can detect and manage any risks in our operations that can hinder our quality efforts.

Customer Ombudsman for security

Ambea has appointed a customer Ombudsman who can give our care recipients and their families extra support and help if needed. The customer Ombudsman is there to listen to positive feedback and criticism about the care experience, for example with respect to employees, activities, meals or care routines.

Quality balance sheet

Since 2011, Ambea has reported its quality efforts in an annual quality balance sheet, and from 2013 we have produced quarterly quality reports.

You can find the latest reports here (in Swedish)