To ensure adherence to legislation, management systems and interactions based on our own core values, we have developed our own quality system. We call it Qualimax. It is our tool for ensuring that all of our 15,000 employees can provide good, safe care.

Part of our Qualimax work is to set clear quality goals. The system has four parts: management, measurement, improvement and documentation. We use Qualimax in our Nytida and Vardaga operations; the system is well established in our organization.

We carry out continuous quality measurements in numerous areas to ensure that we perform our tasks in the best possible way. We do this through our own quality controls and careful verification against checklists. The results form the basis for assessments, review and improvements. We follow up deviations from planned routines, and we also capture new ideas and opportunities for development so these can be spread throughout the organization. All these activities help us learn and increase quality for the future.