With Lära, Ambea consolidates skills development in care and support

Ambea, one of Sweden’s largest care and support providers, is setting up a new skills and education company called Lära. The aim is to offer skills development and training for Ambea’s care and support employees in both the private and public sectors – and from the very start, Lära is already one of Sweden’s largest independent training providers in the industry.

“Health and social care will need to undergo a great deal of development and change in the years to come. The right skills, cooperation and innovation will be crucial to the success of this care. By gathering all training within Vardaga, which runs elderly age care, and Nytida, which offers support to people with disabilities, we want to share our experience and knowledge with all of Ambea’s co-workers in care and support functions,” says Fredrik Gren, CEO of Ambea.

Comprehensive training was already available in Vardaga through the Academy for Dementia Care, which offers certified courses for working with dementia patients. Now, following Nytida’s acquisition of Solhagagruppen, Lära can offer additional courses on Asperger’s, autism and other neuropsychiatric disabilities: These training programmes were previously operated by Solhaga Enigma Education.

“We see a huge demand for continuous training within support, and right from the start we are able to offer some 50 courses and diplomas in the fields of disability, elder care and education. This makes us one of the largest independent training providers in these areas. What’s more, we can offer courses customised for clients in areas such as the autism spectrum, dementia and various types of treatments,” says Anders Westerholm, Head of Division for Lära.

Lära works with almost 100 municipalities in Sweden and trains 7,000 people each year in support, care and education. Courses for external staff who work for municipalities and private care providers represent a rapidly growing area. In the past year, Lära provided education for more than 4,000 external participants from municipalities and private care providers.

Another important role for Lära is to carry out and support research and development projects that will improve health and social care in Sweden in the long term. Lära collaborates with several colleges and universities in Sweden as well as with
partners in the UK and other Nordic countries. The focus is on initiatives designed to develop areas linked to special-needs teaching, skills and digitalisation.

“We want people to feel confident knowing that the Ambea’s care employees have continuing access to the latest research, the best skills and the tools they need to help the people who are dependent on us, and who have unique interests and needs,” says Fredrik Gren.

For more information, please contact:

Fredrik Gren, CEO Ambea, +46 (0) 70 511 64 99, fredrik.gren@ambea.se

Anders Westerholm, Head of Division, Lära, +46 (0) 70 166 56 41, anders.westerholm@ambea.se

Nanna Wedar, Marketing and Communications Director, Ambea, +46 (0) 70 166 58 88, nanna.wedar@ambea.se

About Lära

Lära, which is part of Ambea, develops and offers certified training courses for qualified work with people on the autism spectrum, those with dementia, and various types of treatments. All of our courses are designed to make a difference in care recipients’ everyday lives. Lära works with some 100 municipalities and offers 50 different courses and specialist training programmes. Read more about this division at lära.se

Ambea is one of the leading providers of care in the Nordic countries. Within the Ambea group, we offer accommodation, support, training and staffing within health and social care. Ambea has over 450 units all over Sweden and in Norway. Ambea has around 14,000 employees. The company was founded in 1996 and its head office is located in Solna, Sweden.