Vardaga, KIAB and Svenska Vårdfastigheter construct new elder-care facility in Helsingborg

The Rosengård area in Helsingborg will get a new elder-care facility that will be ready to recieve residents during the latter part of 2019. The facility will be built by KIAB Fastigheter AB and Svenska Vårdfastigheter AB and will be run by Vardaga.

Villa Öresund, which will be the name of the new facility, will comprise 74 apartments divided on four floors. The facility is intended both for people with dementia and for those with somatic diseases related to age. Villa Öresund will have an open, inviting lounge facing a peaceful courtyard, designed according to Vardaga’s concept for outdoor environment. The facility will also have its own hairdresser.. In addition, recruiting of co-workers will create around 60 new jobs.

“Since several years, Vardaga runs contract managed elderly-care facililties in Helsingborg and we have a good cooperation with the representatives of the City. We are now looking forward to also establish an own management facility and to offer apartments to the elderly in Helsingborg City in the first place, but also to nearby municipalities”, says Ulla Tansen, Business Area Manager for Vardaga.

Vardaga’s housing concept is focused on Nordic design and combines function and form to an interior that is adapted to the physical needs of the residents, and also cozy and homely. Colors and interior details are, based on research and evidence, adjusted to the ageing eye and to facilitate for people with dementia to orientate in the building.

“We are thrilled to once again co-operate with Vardaga in establishing a high quality elderly-care facility in an attractive city”, says Dan T Sehlberg, CEO of Svenska Vårdfastigheter. 

For more information, please contact:

Vardaga: Ulla Tansen, Business Area Manager,, +46 709-595040

KIAB: Henrik Söderberg, CEO,, +46 70-932 83 91

Svenska Vårdfastigheter: Dan T Sehlberg, CEO, , +46 8-39 06 38

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