Nytida and Vardaga provide mentors for new arrivals to Sweden

Ambea announces a new project in which some 30 employees in the Nytida and Vardaga business areas will receive training as guidance counselors and language mentors for asylum-seekers arriving in Sweden. The program is being arranged within the framework of ESF Project KISA, an initiative from the Swedish Employment implemented cooperation with education provider Consensum.

The training will take place at Vardaga Villa Hovstallet in Uppsala, with participants from Nytida and Vardaga facilities in Uppsala, Gävle, Enköping and Upplands Väsby.

“We started this project so that Ambea employees can provide much-needed support to new arrivals to Sweden who come to us for work and language training. We will also offer nursing assistant training at Villa Hovstallet for new arrivals, and the goal here is that they will be able enter new jobs after completing the program. As a major actor in society, we want to contribute to integration and also ensure that competent people are available for Sweden’s increasing care needs,” says Nina Thorén Forsanker.

One goal of ESF Project KISA is to partner with the private sector to identify, recruit and train new-arrival candidates as employable resources in the Swedish labor market.

“Those of us developing Project KISA in Uppsala County are familiar with Ambea’s dedication, active participation and shouldering of responsibility with respect to integration. For this reason, it’s a natural choice to develop a structured, sustainable cooperation with Ambea AB.” explains Catarina Örtengren, project manager with the Swedish Employment Agency.

“Through our partnership with Vardaga and Nytida, we will use KISA’s validation and matching process – which is based on effective, in-depth mapping of the project participants and a structural study of the company so that we can match participants’ work experience, development potential and future career plans with the company’s requirements on competence,” adds Nelly Andersson, responsible for the development of KISA’s validation and matching process.

Consensum will provide the training program itself, and will also take a coordinating role in the program’s implementation at Ambea.

“Consensum wants to contribute to development and progress in care services. This partnership creates good conditions to do just that, together with Vardaga and Nytida.  Our model for training is unique and fully tailored to this project. We’re proud to be a part of the project and to meet not only Ambea’s need for qualified personnel, but also the needs of the care sector as a whole – while we also help achieve the long-term integration of new arrivals in Sweden in the labor market,” says Hjalmar Bardh Olsson, project manager for Consensum.

For more information: Contact Ambea’s project manager Nina Thorén Forsanker, telephone + (0)72-973 36 48

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