Ambea presents its first combined quality and sustainability report

Since 2011, Ambea has provided an account of its quality efforts in an annual quality report. Now, for the first time, the 2016 edition is being presented as a combined report, including information about quality and sustainability at Ambea.

Ambea will now produce both annual, combined quality reports in addition to its quarterly quality reporting initiated in 2013. The purpose is to provide widely available, transparent reporting of the quality work being undertaken in Ambea’s operations.

This year’s edition presents a variety of topics, including Ambea’s vision, strategy and values; quality awards and other recognition; how tastier food in Ambea’s elder care facilities has contributed to increased care recipient satisfaction; Ambea’s new initiatives focusing on children and young people; the new Lära unit offering internal and external training; and the voices of managers and employees regarding their daily work to improve quality. Information is provided about deviations and complaints, as well as reporting in accordance with Lex Maria and Lex Sarah legislation for Ambea’s operations.

The addition of sustainability information is the result of the comprehensive approach that Ambea has introduced for this area during the past year. In 2015 the UN launched its Agenda 2030, containing 17 overall goals to achieve sustainable development. Ambea has selected the UN global goals related to the company’s prioritized areas and deemed to be most important with respect to the work being carried out within Ambea’s operations. The report’s description of each prioritized area also presents the related UN goals.

“It’s natural for us to report about our work in sustainability when we present results of our quality work. Our prioritized sustainability areas focus primarily on how we can ensure that we can provide good support and care to our care recipients. It’s a matter of ethical actions and adherence to regulations and laws, always putting the individual at the center of what we do, and actively participating in efforts for innovation in the field of support and care. This is what we seek to apply in our daily work – a holistic approach to our mission,” says Lena Freiholtz, Director of Quality and Sustainability for Ambea.

The report (in Swedish) is enclosed in PDF format and available on Ambea’s website. Printed copies can also be ordered from Ambea’s Marketing department,

For more information about the report, and quality efforts at Nytida and Vardaga, contact

Lena Freiholtz, Director of Quality and Sustainability:,

telephone +46 733-77 55 50 or Nanna Wedar, Communications Director, telephone +46 70 166 58 88.

Ambea is present within care services and has around 14,000 employees. Ambea offers services within disabled care, individual and family care and elderly care, with a focus on residential care and own management. We strive to be the quality leaders in all we do – and our vision is to make the world better, one person at a time. As of December 31, 2016, Ambea had approximately 6,200 beds and 1,300 school-/daily activity-placements in around 460 units across Sweden and Norway. Total sales and adjusted EBITA for the 2016 financial year amounted to SEK 5,409 million and SEK 456 million. The company was founded in 1996 and its head office is located in Solna, Sweden. Ambea is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm