Ambea acquires Norwegian company Vitale

As part of its growth in Norway, Ambea acquired Norwegian care company Vitale AS on 31 October, 2016.

“We are very pleased to add another excellent disability care company to our family of Norwegian companies. The acquisition of Vitale is part of Ambea’s expansion within the disability care sector in Norway,” says Ambea CEO Fredrik Gren.

“Vitale sees Ambea as a good partner for continued expansion and development of the company’s services. Over the years Ambea has invested in a quality management system, care innovations and training, and we now have the opportunity to use these tools in our expansion in Norway,” he adds.

Vitale’s head office is in Oslo. The company’s goal is to contribute to the transformation of the health and care sector in Norway in order to meet the needs of tomorrow. Vitale comprises the following businesses:

  • BPA (Brukerstyrt personlig assistanse) – a form of user-guided personal assistance offered in 35 Norwegian municipalities
  • Care homes/collaborative operations
  • Medical centres
  • Psychology centres

Vitale is known for delivering prompt, customised, high-quality solutions. It is an innovative, flexible company that develops optimal solutions to deal with today’s care challenges.

Vitale applies an analytical approach and is constantly developing in order to provide the best care offer in Norway. Motivated by the challenges of health and social care, Vitale aims to be the best in its field. Vitale has obtained ISO certification for specific areas of its operations.

The Norwegian Competition Authority, Konkurransetilsynet, has approved the acquisition, which was concluded on 31 October.

For more information, contact:

Ambea CEO Fredrik Gren, tel: +46 (0) 705 11 64 99,

Ambea Head of Division Norway Agneta Lindgren, tel: +46 (0) 733 44 15 01,

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