500 new arrivals to be offered internships at Ambea, Nytida and Vardaga

Care company Ambea has signed a letter of intent with Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Public Employment Service, offering to take on at least 500 new arrivals over a three-year period for internships and training in Ambea’s elder-care operations within Vardaga and disability services within Nytida.

The aim is to operate within the framework of Arbetsförmedlingen’s Sweden Together (Sverige tillsammans) initiative and the “100 Club” to introduce new arrivals to jobs in the care profession to facilitate integration language learning. The background to the move is the government’s initiative on integration, which enables Arbetsförmedlingen to offer support and packaged solutions for employment activities to companies that will hire at least 100 new arrivals to Sweden in a three-year period.

Shortage of care workers

The aim is to encourage participants to train as nursing assistants and support teachers through Arbetsförmedlingen’s employment training scheme, which could lead to permanent employment with Nytida or Vardaga. While the candidates are training, they will also spend half of their time in Swedish-language courses.

“We want to help to overcome the integration challenge. In addition, Sweden has a shortage of care workers and many more will need to be recruited in the next few years. We are therefore very happy to offer 500 internships in our Nytida and Vardaga operations,” says Fredrik Gren, CEO of Ambea.

In 2016 Ambea worked with Migrationsverket, the Swedish Migration Agency, to offer approximately 180 internships to asylum seekers. That project will now be phased out following a rule change on the employment of asylum seekers.

“We are taking our good experiences into this new project and we are looking forward to taking on new interns as soon as possible,” says Nina Thorén Forsanker, Vardaga business developer and responsible for the project within Ambea.

Creating better conditions for new arrivals

Lennart Lundin, head of the employers’ centre at Arbetsförmedlingen in Stockholm, also has a positive view of the collaboration:

This is an excellent initiative for finding resources to fill the urgent need for staff in health and social care. The more employers who become associated with the 100 Club, the better conditions we can create for the new arrivals coming to Sweden. Ambea will be able to build many long-term relationships with people who already have skills and experience and who will now be able to enter the labour market sooner.”

The 100 Club is made up of companies who work with the Arbetsförmedlingen and agree to take on at least 100 new arrivals within a three-year period.

For more information, contact:

Fredrik Gren, CEO, Ambea, +46 (0) 70 511 64 99 or Nina Thorén Forsanker, project manager, Ambea, +46 (0) 72 973 36 48.

Lennart Lundin, head of the employers’ centre at Arbetsförmedlingen Stockholm, +46 (0) 10 486 68 01.

Press contacts:  

Pia Säwe, communications strategist, Ambea, +46 (0) 733 77 14 10.

Jonas Hansson, regional communicator, Arbetsförmedlingen, +46 (0) 10 488 42 92.

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