Jobs and integration at Ambea

Since 2016, Ambea has been running a number of projects in Sweden that offer work placements, training and job opportunities for newly arrived residents.  At the end of 2020, opportunities had been offered to more than 1,200 newly arrived residents. The aim is to find valuable employees for our units, while also promoting social integration. Moreover, we believe that diverse experience and perspectives are crucial to our company’s our long-term success.

Five-year anniversary was celebrated in spring 2021.

About half of the new arrivals who have joined Ambea over the past two years have either continued to work at the company or are studying to become a care worker. This is an excellent result, and supports our continued efforts.

In Vardaga’s nursing homes, the professional role of service assistants has been introduced. These employees, who work alongside care workers, have completed a short labour market training programme and help with various practical tasks such as cooking and cleaning. That frees
up time for nursing assistants, enabling them to devote more time to qualified care.

Language difficulties can often be the greatest barrier for newly arrived residents. In 2020, Ambea therefore introduced a pilot project with a language app that combines foreign languages with play and practice to make language learning fun – a work that we continue.