The nomination committee appointed for Ambea’s annual shareholders’ meeting 2019 will be announced on the website in time before the annual shareholders’ meeting.

At the shareholders’ meeting 2018, principles for the appointment of the nomination committee was resolved upon. The following principles for the appointment of a nomination committee shall apply: The nomination committee shall be composed of the chairman of the board of directors and a representative for each of the three largest shareholders based on the shareholding in the Company as of August 31st the year before the annual shareholders’ meeting. Should one of the three largest shareholders refrain from appointing a representative to the nomination committee, the right shall pass to the shareholder that, excluding these three shareholders, has the largest shareholding in the company. Should a change in ownership occur post August 31st and three months ahead of the annual shareholders’ meeting, which would entail that one of the shareholder who appointed a representative no longer is among the three largest shareholders, this appointed representative shall leave his/her seat available to the third largest shareholder to appoint their representative.

The chairman of the board of directors shall convene the nomination committee. The member representing the largest shareholder shall be appointed chairman of the nomination committee unless otherwise unanimously agreed.

The nomination committee shall perform the duties of the nomination committee as set out in the Code, which, among other things, includes proposals for appointment of board members, chairman of the board and auditor. The nomination committee will also propose remuneration to the board members. The nomination committee’s proposals shall be presented in the convening notice made public before each annual shareholders’ meeting.

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