Audit committee

Ambea’s audit committee monitors the company’s financial reporting and the efficiency of the company’s internal controls and risk management. The committee stays informed about the audit of the annual financial statements and the consolidated financial statements, and reviews and monitors the impartiality and independence of the auditor and assists in preparations for purchases of auditing services as and in connection  the shareholders’ meeting’s decision on the election of auditors.

Members of the audit committee:

  • Gunilla Rudebjer, (chairman)
  • Lena Hofsberger
  • Daniel Björklund

Remuneration committee

Ambea has a remuneration committee which shall prepare proposals on remuneration principles, remuneration amounts and other employment terms for the CEO and executive management.

Members of the Remuneration committee

  • Lena Hofsberger (chairman)
  • Daniel Björklund
  • Gunilla Rudebjer

Quality and sustainability committee

Ambea’s Quality and sustainability committee shall ensure that the board fulfills its

responsibility in matters relating to quality and sustainability of material significance for the company. At committee meetings the members discuss the quality of the Nytida, Vardaga, Stendi and Altiden divisions as well as their development.

Members of the Quality and sustainability committee

  • Liselott Kilaas (chairman)
  • Lena Hofsberger
  • Daniel Björklund