Strong positioning in Sweden in care segments with structural growth and capacity shortage

  • Leading positions in disabled care, individual & family and nursing homes with focus on residential care.
  • Care market growth ahead of GDP growth and non-cyclical with proven resilience to financial turmoil.
  • Continued privatization driven by increasing need for elderly- and disabled residential care due to demographic development whilst municipalities face shortage of housing and restraining resources.
  • Attractive business model within care sectors characterized by high barriers to entry, low risk for substitution, long customer contracts, focus on higher quality offerings and a large and well-trained workforce.

Scalable platform for future growth

  • Greenfield development: proven model of developing units with strong pipeline.
  • Bolt-on acquisitions: strong track-record with accretive acquisitions at attractive multiples.
  • Nordic expansion: Care operating model delivering high quality care and efficiency opening up for growth in the Nordics.
  • Quality and efficiency leverage on well-invested and scalable platform.

Industry quality leadership

  • High quality drives high user satisfaction.
    In national survey – Elderly care brand Vardaga outperforms private and public providers alike.
    Even higher quality in own managed units using Ambea model for realestate design, care concept and organization.
  • Quality central part of Ambea’s vision, values, strategy and operations.
  • Ambea Quality model: industry-leading quality system, board to unit manager governance process, leader in education of high competence (Lära) and innovation.
    Continuous quality KPI monitoring with early warning systems from group to unit level.

Attractive financial profile and value creation

  • Strategic shift in business mix towards residental care, disabled care with high care content and own management improves profitability and quality of earnings.
  • High cash conversion of > 90 percent enabling risk management and effective allocation of resources.
    Sales growth combined with increasing profitability and low asset base translates into high cash conversation.

  • Solid capital structure.
  • 30 percent of net profits is to be paid as dividend, taking long-term development potential and financial position into account.