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Vallbostrand offers real jobs


Vallbostrand Industri & Hantverk in Vallentuna is a day centre offering carefully selected, meaningful work to its attendees.

Vallbostrand man sågarThis has always been the case, even if operations started in a small scale. It was 1959 when the Odell and Carlsson families acquired the Vallbostrand care home in Vallentuna, with the decided purpose of offering daily activities that were meaningful. The facility developed and in 1975 a large day centre was built.

“We have always placed great emphasis on real work – in terms of both the industrial and crafts elements of our operation,” says Maria Wallöf, who is a supervisor at Vallbostrand.

The Lusen game

Industrial investment led to the purchase of machinery to manufacture plastic and the production of items such as key fobs, tin-openers and the popular “Lusen” board game. On the crafts side, a ceramics workshop was set up and professional staff were employed.

In time, these operations moved to various locations in Vallentuna. Today the industrial side of the business consists of assembly, sorting and packaging. Ceramic products are made in two workshops, both to commission and to be sold in their own stores in central Vallentuna. There are also many outdoor activities, specifically adapted to people with disabilities within the autism spectrum. Another unit run by Vallbostrand works with media.

LusenspeletMore than 60 people are employed by the day centre and come from several different municipalities. With working methods that are described in detail, Vallbostrand helps its employees to work independently. This can involve weighing parts for ceramic figures in order to ensure the final products are the same size, or providing templates to guide workers as to the location and quantities of all the different pieces when packaging the Lusen game. The Lusen game, in which the objective is to win by building one’s own louse, first, sells more than 20,000 copies each year.

In response to what is meant by ‘real work’ at Vallbostrand, Maria Wallöf’s answer is:

“It is when employees can take pride in their work, and in cooperating to produce something that is in demand!”

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