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Trehörna – Meaningful activities from day one


When the Dahlkvists founded Trehörna Omsorger in 1958, they wanted the daily life there to be as “normal” as possible. Their philosophy of providing residents with a meaningful daily occupation has stood the test of time.

Trehörna Omsorger in Tingsryd provides accommodation and jobs for adults with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities. Since it started in 1958, it has made the days as “normal” as possible, with work for everyone who is able.

“In addition to providing traditional therapies, we have a large day centre offering different types of practical occupations. All the jobs here are, of course, based on the abilities of each individual,” says Eva Hildingsson Svensson, who started work as a clerk in 1978.

Today, with some 250 employees, Trehörna is one of the largest private employers in the municipality. When enterprising couple Carin and Erik Dahlkvist started the business, their goal was to take care of young women with psychological development difficulties. In 1971 they also opened their doors to men. The number of residential slots at the facility has gradually grown from 28 to 77, including those who use the day centre.

The business was first called Thelenäs, after the village in which it was located. After a few years it moved to Urshult and was called Trehörna workhouse before becoming the Trehörna home. Over time the facility also started accepting people sent into compulsory care. Naturally, many other things have changed over the years.

“Previously, staff and residents went on holiday together to places like Båstad and The Netherlands. We also grew our own potatoes and apples and had pigs and hens,” says Eva. In 1999 Trehörna was sold and a year later changed its name to Trehörna Omsorger; today this facility is part of Nytida.

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