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Academy for Dementia Care – A group of experts for support and skills development


The Vardaga Academy for Dementia Care gathers all of Vardaga’s dementia care skills in one place, keeps the company up to date with research and evidence-based methods, and provides training for employees in Vardaga’s facilities.

The Academy, which was set up in 2013, has created a training concept based on several evidence-based methods in dementia care and has tailored this concept to Vardaga’s values and corporate structure. The concept means that staff members receive three days of training followed by guidance at their place of work to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. A dementia care manager is appointed at every facility and receives extra training. Associated elder age care homes are certified and co-workers and managers earn diplomas. Results are followed up and analysed on an annual basis by the Academy’s group of experts.


Relatives are offered the opportunity to take part in study groups with education and support linked to each facility where the concept is introduced. The support is offered on a continuous basis as necessary.


The work of the Academy for Dementia Care has been evaluated by Per-Olof Sandman, a professor of nursing science, who works with academic institutions such as Umeå University.

Co-workers feel that they have acquired increased competence about dementia, are able to handle situations better and that they can now use fewer drugs and less coercion. They also feel supported in working towards their own goals for providing good dementia care.

“It has been extremely interesting. There are very few places that so carefully evaluate the changes their work as Vardaga,” says Per-Olof.

“The Academy for Dementia Care is coming along well. We feel happy and what we need to do now is to continue to maintain the improvements we have achieved,” says Liselotte Björk, dementia care developer, who is also responsible for the Academy’s results.

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