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Östersundsstudien (The Östersund Study) – An important contribution to the development of elder age care


Over a period of two years, scientists compared two identical, newly-built residential homes for the elderly in the Swedish municipality of Östersund. One was run by the municipality and the other by Vardaga. The aim was to compare how different operational methods affected the quality, funding and working conditions in elder age care.

The final report in March 2015 showed that Vardarga’s home received higher marks in 8 out of 10 quality parameters. Whereas the municipality home received higher marks in 1 out of 10 indicators. For one parameter, both homes received equal marks.

“Naturally, it is gratifying that Vardaga is better in so many parameters, but we didn’t view this study primarily as a competition. Our aim in taking part was to contribute to improved elderly age care and to learn some lessons ourselves about how we can improve,” said Fredrik Gren, CEO of Ambea, when commenting on the Östersund Study.

“Thanks to transparency and good cooperation rather than competition, both the municipality and our homes have developed and we have learned a lot from each other. We have also shown that it is possible to run high-quality elder-care facilities at a lower cost. The results of the study are an important contribution to the development of elder age care in Sweden,” Fredrik Gren concluded.

Read the final report on the Vardaga website