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Lära raises the level of knowledge in care


Lära is gathering all the training skills from across the company into one organisation. It manages internal co-worker training, as well as external training, research and cooperation with universities and colleges.

lära logoLära offers skills development and training for support and care staff in both the private and public sector. Right from the start it has been one of Sweden’s largest independent training providers in its field. Following the acquisition of Nytida by Solhagagruppen in 2016, Lära has also taken on the training within the autism spectrum and neuropsychiatric disabilities, previously run by Solhaga Enigma Education. The division also offers a comprehensive, certified training programme in dementia care through the  Academy for Dementia Care.

“We can see that there is a massive need for continuous training and right from the start we have been able to offer some 50 different courses and diplomas in disability and elder age care and schooling. It makes us one of the largest training organisations in these fields. We can also offer tailor-made courses within the autism spectrum, dementia and different types of treatments,” says Anders Westerholm, Manager of the Lära division.

One important role that Lära plays is also to drive and support research and development projects aimed at improving health and social care in Sweden in the long term. Lära collaborates with several colleges and universities in Sweden, as well as with partners in the UK and other Nordic countries. The focus is on initiatives connected to specialist teaching, skills and digitalisation.

“We feel certain that people can feel confident knowing that co-workers in this sector have constant access to the latest data, the best knowledge and the tools required to work with care recipients who are dependent on us, and who have unique interests and needs,” says Ambea CEO Fredrik Gren.

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