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Edsby Slott – elderly residential care in a castle environment


Gästhemmet Edsby Slott, north of Stockhom, was built in the 1800s and became an elderly residential care home in 1968. Nestled in beautiful surrounding countryside, the castle-style building provides a home for people with dementia and those in need of physical care.

Edsby slott

In 2015 Vardaga acquired Edsby Slott from Kajsa Hjelte, who had run and developed the facility for 16 years. At that time, it had been operated for more than 45 years as a private residential home for elderly persons with dementia. Kajsa had retained some of the old, treasured traditions involved with socialising in a stately-home environment, but to her the most important thing was for the whole living environment to be part of the care offering, rather than the rooms being a certain size.

“We’re happy and proud to be able to take over Edsby Slott, with its rich traditions, and to continue to run and develop it in Kajsa Hjelte’s same great spirit of high quality ,” said Vardaga’s regional manager Cecilia Engelbrecht Strand, in connection with the acquisition.

Edsby Slott is located in the beautiful surroundings of Upplands Väsby and much of its old charm has been preserved in its interior decoration. The castle-style building was completed in 1872. It was built on land that belonged to four farms, collectively known as Edsbyn, and was adorned with stately towers. In 1915 the building was extended in the national romantic style, which it retains today, and modernised with the installation of indoor plumbing, electricity and central heating.

The Teleborg girls’ boarding school was set up in Edsby Slott in the mid-1950s, with pupils being “more privileged daughters” from all over Sweden. During its time as an elderly age care home, the business was called Gästhemmet Edsby Slott (Edsby Castle Guest House). In 2008 the existing facility of 24 rooms was expanded with an additional 30 rooms in a new wing. Vardaga offers dementia patients accommodation in the main building, and provides residential care in the wing.

With staff including experienced cooks and a special Castle hostess who develops stimulating activities for residents, Edsby Slott is committed to offering a high quality of life.

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