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Introduction of animals in care


Vardaga works systematically with using trained service dogs in several elderly residential homes. We call the concept “animals in care”. Care dog Othello began his job with Vardaga at Linnégården in August 2011.

Vårdhunden OthelloSince then Othello has worked full time, achieving miracles both large and small every day. There’s a long list of residents who have got out of their wheelchairs, come out from the loneliness of their own rooms, regained functions after a stroke, or simply found their spark again after meeting Othello. Together with his master Øystein Johannesen, Othello spreads awareness of how animals can be used in a structured to promote wellbeing in health and social care.

A care dog has been carefully trained and tested together with its handler to work in care. There are also therapy dogs and visiting dogs that undergo a shorter training period, but that also do important work. In 2015 Vardaga’s care and visiting dogs made over 7,700 visits to our residents. The concept of animals in care is also part of Nytida operations.

Multiple awards

Othello’s work has gained much recognition. In 2014 he received an award from Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden for his work as Sweden’s first Silvia-certified dog. In 2015 he won the “Social Services Dog of the Year” award from the Swedish Kennel Club and he is the only dog in Sweden to have won the prestigious “Dog of Honour” title from the Stockholm Kennel Club’s Dog Protection Foundation. In 2016 Othello was nominated in the animal class of the “Swedish heroes” awards, arranged by the Swedish national daily newspaper Aftonbladet.


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