Ambea’s Nytida and Vardaga divisions provide health and social care through our own, in-house activities and as government contractors.

In the homes we operate, Nytida or Vardaga offer individual places to municipalities or city districts, which they buy as required via framework or subscriber agreements, or alternatively through Lagen om Valfrihet (SFS 2008:962) which is Sweden’s Act on System of Choice in the Public Sector. These homes operate in premises that Nytida or Vardaga either own or lease. Usually these leases last for many years, which creates the right conditions for long-term planning in our operations and for close cooperation with municipalities and property owners. Vardaga or Nytida are the principal in this type of activity.

A government contract is where Nytida or Vardaga operate residential care homes on behalf of a municipality or district for an agreed period at a set price that is agreed in advance through a public procurement process. The municipality is the principal for this type of activity. The property in which the activity is operated is owned or leased by the municipality.