Ambea has a long-term focus in all its activities, and is a partner you can trust. Today, we operate a number of residential care homes of our own throughout Scandinavia.  This is a form of operation that we are happy to continue developing together with municipalities and property owners.

For municipalities

When we start up a residential care home under our own management, we take full responsibility. The municipality calls off the number of places they need from Ambea. The municipality may procure places in residential care under Sweden’s Public Procurement Act (Lagen om Offentlig Upphandling SFS 2007:109) via framework agreements or subscriber agreements, or pursuant to Sweden’s Act on System of Choice in the Public Sector (Lagen om Valfrihet SFS 2008:962).

We are responsible for the entire investment, and in cooperation with the property owner, we are also responsible for the construction process. Our undertaking includes ensuring that the relevant permits from the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) are obtained. Ambea is a player with many years of experience. What we have learned from past projects keeps on being developed as we launch new projects. Thus, Ambea is a partner that is able to contribute to developing care to suit the needs of the municipality in question. When we operate our own residential care homes, we also become a long-term partner to the municipality. This means confidence and predictability for the residents and the staff in the municipality.

We recruit and employ staff with the aim of being a good employer, offering interesting and stimulating tasks. We achieve success through investing in employee skills development, health promotion activities, and continuous quality improvement. Our quality system is leading within the industry.

Each residential care home is built and fitted out based on our own residential care concept with specially chosen colours and shapes. Our residential care homes are designed in cooperation with our Dementia Academy, which is part of our Lära division.

Why choose Ambea?

Municipalities elect to use Ambea’s services for various reasons:
• Ambea has specialist expertise in high-quality care for specific care groups.
• Municipal residents have more freedom of choice when municipal services are also offered by private providers.
• Ambea offers cost control, and is usually the most cost-effective, since the cost of care is agreed upon in advance.
• Many municipalities are challenged by the recruitment needs of their care services, and often have high levels of sick leave and staff turnover.
• The municipality may have limited experience of building new specialised housing.


For property owners

Ambea’s strategy is to increase the proportion of residential care homes that we operate ourselves within elderly care, LSS (which relates to the Act Concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments), individual and family care. Our goal is to build 4–6 residential care homes for the elderly each year. Within LSS and individual and family care, we plan to expand by 10 units in each of these areas per year. We have a clearly defined, well-developed process for establishing new residential care homes through either new construction or within existing buildings.

We are looking for vacant sites zoned for our forms of residential care, but also existing buildings, such as preschools, office buildings, schools, hotels, floors in rental apartment buildings, or apartments, capable of being converted to residential care. All premises must comply with Sweden’s National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s rules regarding fire protection and accessibility. The forms of residential care we provide are LSS housing and sheltered accommodation, psychiatric and somatic trauma therapy housing, supported care homes for teenagers aged 16–20, and homes with/without care (HVB – Hem för Vård eller Boende) for unaccompanied minors.