Ambea has operated as government contractors since the mid-1990s. Our experience and knowledge makes us a safe choice of partner for municipalities. Our goal is to be an excellent partner, assisting the municipalities to improve the care they provide through outsourcing.

Contract Management means that Ambea takes over an existing care unit that is run on the municipality’s premises. A contract normally runs for 5–8 years, and we take full responsibility for operations. For the municipalities, this means that they can offer their residents good quality care combined with long-term control over costs, the anticipated development of operations, and the number of available beds/places.

We don’t compromise on quality and refrain from bidding for activities where the implementation requirements or the level of compensation are too low, assessed on the basis of our own requirements for providing good quality health and social care.

We recruit and employ staff with the objective of being a good employer, offering interesting and stimulating job opportunities. We achieve success through investing in employee skills development, health promotion activities, and continuously improving and developing our quality management activities. Our quality system is leading within the industry.

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