Ambea is growing

The number of elderly people in Sweden is rising, and by 2025 at least 30,000 new places in residential care for the elderly will be needed in Sweden. More homes for individuals with disabilities are also needed. In addition, many of today’s residential care homes are run down and in need of major renovations.

Ambea wants to be part of meeting this challenge. To succeed, monetary investment as well as more employees willing to work in health and social care will be needed. Through our Nytida and Vardaga divisions, we are helping to meet this challenge.
Ambea has an important social responsibility to build and provide effective residential care to the residents of Sweden’s municipalities, with the aim of continuing to increase the quality of health and social care. We are helping to provide freedom of choice and development, which benefits not only the municipalities, but also the recipients of care and the employees that care for them.