Heimta, Ambea’s operations in Norway, consist of support and residential care in disabilities and psychiatry.

Heimta has 250 employees who provide support to just over 50 people with disabilities and psychiatric problems at residential care homes in Østfold, Oslo, Stavanger and Northern Norway.

Heimta’s activities include Brukerstyrt personlig assistanse (BPA), a form of user-guided personal assistance, in 36 municipalities across Norway, residential care in disabilities and psychiatry, and medical centres that offer rehabilitation services for companies and private individuals.

We also offer 24-hour care accommodation, respite care, acute placement, surveys/investigations, habilitation/rehabilitation, probation and closed forensic psychiatric care.

Heimta’s Youth Home is located in Østlandet, consists of seven housings for acute placement, diagnostics, long term stay and also foster homes for children and young.

Truls Navestad is the Head of Division for Heimta