After her first job working for Rent-A-Nurse on the island of Gotland in summer 2012, Marja Jacobson enjoyed it so much, she wanted to carry on working as an agency nurse there. Today, she travels back and forth to the island’s largest town of Visby to work throughout the year. At home, Marja was previously employed at a hospital in central Sweden. But after a stressful work situation she resigned, and these days works exclusively for Rent-A-Nurse. Marja is very happy with her work as an agency nurse, and with the freedom that comes with this role.

Marja sitter på stranden och plockar med stenarShe often spends her free time socialising with the friends she has had time to make during her years on Gotland. This includes the gym and excursions – the island offers plenty of nature experiences – and Marja often takes her camera with her as she loves taking photographs. There’s a lot going on during the summer in Visby, including Almedalen Week and Stockholm Week. But Medieval Week in August is probably the high point according to Marja, who chooses to work throughout the entire summer.

“Just living here feels like being on holiday.”

During the rest of the year, Marja usually works in Visby for three to four weeks at a time and then has longer periods of time off. She just needs to plan when she wants to travel. Travel and accommodation are taken care of by Rent-A-Nurse. Usually she stays in an apartment or cottage within walking or sometimes cycling distance from work and occasionally she stays in hospital accommodation where she is provided with her own room but shares a kitchen. The hospital is a nice size and very pleasant, according to Marja. Working for a nursing agency has changed her life in positive ways.

“I have a completely different type of freedom these days and can choose to work more during one month and less in another. It means I have more energy and feel well rested when I come back to work. I can influence my own timetable, which I often work out with the hospital’s scheduler.”

Thanks to the flexibility of her job she was able to take a big chunk of time off after working all summer and take a month-long trip to the USA for example. Marja thinks her salary is good and she feels that the work that she does is appreciated. Marja has managed to work in several different wards, including, in recent years, the stroke ward.

“Obviously there can be busy periods that are really tough, but I’m very happy and feel that I am developing every day at work. That’s probably because I’ve been able to work in several different wards.”

Marja is happy, too, with the support she receives from Rent-A-Nurse.

“They have always got back to me promptly. They check out how things are going when you are away on an assignment, and on the very few occasions when there has been a problem, they have helped to solve it quickly.”

“Then there are small gestures of appreciation too, like a cinema ticket in my mail box when I come home, or a hand-written card signed by everyone on my birthday – which is always nice!”