Karin Eriksson likes to say that she slipped into her job on a banana skin. But all the company’s contracts pass through her hands and none of them are allowed to slip anywhere.

porträttbild Karin ErikssonKarin Eriksson works as a registrar and is responsible for keeping all Ambea’s contracts and official documents in order. She registers and files them and ensures that all the contracts are signed.

“All contracts go through me,” says Karin, and explains how much she enjoys organising things and creating structure.“

She has helped to build the database that is used today. It was a project that Karin was involved in right from the beginning when she came from the property department as a new employee in 2006. As the company grew, a need for a registrar to handle all contracts arose, so Karin slipped into this role “just like on a banana skin”.

For a few years, she has also been the safety officer and is now the Vision trade union representative. When she isn’t working, she likes to relax by reading novels. Henning Mankell is one of her favourite authors. She also likes drawing and painting. She likes to use African batiks for cushion and book covers, for example.

“Africa is an exciting continent full of fantastic colours and nature.”

Karin is very happy at Ambea.

“I think it’s a good, solid company that has a clear vision. We have a transparent culture and the company listens to co-workers and takes their ideas on board.“

As well as contracts, she also handles documents such as permits and supervision reports from the authorities. At the time of our interview, around 9,000 transactions have been registered and filed. And there are more after that.

“I have a guaranteed job until I retire!” says Karin, laughing.

She gets assistance from co-workers employed by the hour when the pressure of work starts to crank up. But she is the only registrar within Ambea and so it is up to her to ensure that all the documentation is in place and where it should be.

“I like everything to be organised,” says Karin who now knows the system inside out and is in regular dialogue with its other users – the business managers – on how to file details and improve the system even more.