Health is very important to us. We firmly believe that if our employees enjoy their work, then our care recipients will be happy.

Respect for employees’ health and safety is one of our highest priorities. We work to have an environment that promotes every Ambea employee’s physical, mental and social wellbeing. Our workplace shall not be the cause of injury or illness.

Ambea operates in an industry that sometimes places tough requirements on the physical and mental capabilities of workers as individuals. That’s why we manage health and safety matters through clearly stated requirements on the organization and in action plans. We apply a holistic approach in which good health is part of everything we do. We work to achieve continuous improvement in our working environment through systematic investigation, assessment, action and follow-up.

Ambea’s promotion of good health is part of our systematic work environment efforts. The goal is to increase awareness throughout the organization about individual responsibility for physical, mental and social wellbeing – at work and play.

Ambea and all its subsidiaries are covered by collective agreements.