We want all of Ambea’s employees to have the opportunity to develop their competence and continue learning.

This is essential for us to be able to run our operations in the best way possible, and to attract, retain and develop colleagues – and so our work will be even more enjoyable and rewarding.

Our organization is founded on a culture of continuous reflection, learning from each other, and making the best possible use of our collective expertise. Through our Lära education program, we offer Ambea employees high-quality internal training and competence development in a variety of areas. We provide courses in the diagnoses we work with, methods and treatment techniques, but also on topics such as leadership.

Values-based leadership

We need dedicated and motivated leaders who can use our core values to create inclusiveness and participation and enhance collegial spirit in the workplace. As an employer, Ambea stands for clarity, participation and values-based leadership. Our core values and code of Conduct are the cornerstones for the work environment we strive to create and maintain in our workplaces, which are characterized by openness and a positive attitude.

Our managers play a central role in creating the right conditions so that all other employees can succeed and develop in their daily work. For this reason, leadership development is of key importance for Ambea. By training managers in values-based leadership, we provide the foundation for and organization with decision processes working in close cooperation with our operations. Our focus is on local ownership and the principle of offering every colleague the opportunity to make a difference.