Together we create a safe and secure care for everyone.

Ambea is one of the leading care providers in Scandinavia. We work with the elderly, people with disabilities and people who need psychosocial support. Our mission is to ensure quality of life for every person in Ambea’s 900 units. Seeing and hearing them is the heart of our company.

But we also look up and see the world through the eyes of our clients – municipalities. Will they have enough resources in the years ahead? As the need for care grows sharply, financial pressures intensify and the shortage of care workers increases, smart solutions, partnership and innovative solutions will be crucial.

Ambea has a key role to play here. We are a company that dares to test new ideas, strives for continuous improvement and continuously develops our units and our employees.We are big enough to make a difference and want to be a role model that works together with municipalities to create as much safe and secure care as possible from every valuable tax krona.

Always in the best interests of our care receivers. Always guided by our vision: We make the world a better place, one person at a time.

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