We make the world a better place, one person at a time.

In our vision we focus on people as individuals. Our goal and ambition is that each person in our operations shall be treated with respect and be able to live a life that is as fulfilling as possible.

We also have a mission: Through dedication, enthusiasm and expertise, we make a difference for every individual we meet. This means that each and every day, all of Ambea’s employees work to achieve our vision. Their passion for the work, their dedication and their competence make a difference and create quality for all of our care recipients.

As a company, we also ensure that our collective knowledge about care is used throughout all of our operations, and reaches all of our colleagues and care recipients. The basis for all our work is the UN Declaration of Human Rights, our ethical guidelines and our code of conduct.


Ambea’s core values are respect, responsibility, simplicity and knowledge.

Respect: At Ambea, everyone has the right to a dignified life, including physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Responsibility: Ambea employees have the courage and will to make a difference, and management that listens and leads the way.

Simplicity: It’s easy to make a difference, and to be a colleague or a care recipient at Ambea.

Knowledge: At Ambea, we take time to reflect, learn from each other and make use of everyone’s competence.

Our vision and our values serve as our guiding star, in our interaction with the people in our care and in how we treat our colleagues and ourselves. We use these values to work toward our vision – every day – and we ensure that Ambea’s operations are fully based on these values.