Ambea has 26,000 employees who are creating a good life for every care receiver in our 900 units across Scandinavia. The operations were founded more than 100 year ago and the company has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2017.

Our services

Elderly care: At Ambea’s approximately 110 nursing homes, our care receivers live in their own apartments with access to communal areas, activities and mealtimes. Staff are on duty 24 hours a day. We also offer home care in selected locations across Sweden and Denmark.
Disability care: For people with permanent disabilities, Ambea has care services for all needs and stages of life: from child care homes and schools to group homes, assisted living facilities and day services for adults. Personal assistance is also offered in Norway.
Psychosocial support: Ambea offers support for people with psychosocial problems, such as substance abuse, self-harming behaviour or criminality. These initiatives include HVB homes, assisted living facilities, foster homes, sheltered housing and non-residential care.
Qualified temporary care staff: Ambea offers flexible and effective solutions for staffing welfare services.

Clients and contracts

Ambea’s clients are municipalities across Scandinavia that purchase care on behalf of their residents. The services can be divided according to contractual form:
Own Management: Care placements under Own Management operations are offered in premises that Ambea owns or rents with long-term contracts, usually 10–15 years. Due to the long duration, the premises can be customised to suit Ambea’s working methods and concepts, and we recruit our own employees. Municipalities purchase placements according to need. Ambea’s strategic focus is to increase the proportion of Own Management operations in order to improve both quality and efficiency.
Contract management: Contract Management means that Ambea takes over an existing care service in the municipality’s premises and runs the unit for a specific period of time, usually four to five years, often with a possible extension of two to four years.