Ambea’s role in society

As an important contributor to the community around us, Ambea plays an active part in developing Sweden’s social welfare system. We believe in working together and finding solutions to the shared challenges that we face as a society.

Ambea strives to take an active role, providing new knowledge and new perspectives for creating the care of the future. We also want to contribute to a more balanced debate about the matter of care – a dialogue where the needs of the individual are in focus.

Increasing integration and prevent exclusion

Ambea wants to promote increased integration in society as a whole and to prevent exclusion. One example of our efforts here is the declaration of intent established with the Swedish Employment Agency to take on board at least 500 newly arrived migrants to Sweden within a three-year period. These persons will be offered workplace internships in Ambea’s Nytida and Vardaga operations. The purpose is to introduce newly arrived persons in Sweden to the care occupation, while also providing a better platform for language training and integration. The project is based on the Swedish government’s initiative for integration, through which the Employment Agency works with employers based on their existing support and programs. Those participating will spend half of their work time employed in our operations and the remaining time will be devoted to studying Swedish. The intention is to promote more rapid integration into society while also attracting qualified people who want to continue working in the care industry.

In 2016 Ambea and the Swedish Migration Agency partnered in a project where Ambea set up internships for 180 asylum-seekers. This project is now being phased out as a result of new working and occupational regulations for asylum-seekers.

Promoting young people’s interest and care careers

Ambea works actively to increase interest in pursuing a career in care. Since 2008, our Vardaga operations have worked together with Young Care (Ung Omsorg), a company that employs young people who are dedicated to working with the elderly. Through the project, young people visit some of our facilities on Saturdays, Sundays and school breaks. The youth from Ung Omsorg serve as an additional resource for our regular staff and can enrich the lives of our elderly care recipients.

Developing the care of today and tomorrow

As a member of the Almega Employers’ Organisation for the Swedish Service Sector, we work with other private-care actors to clarify the significance of privately operated care for increased quality, freedom of choice and diversity.

Ambea also works to promote harmonization of legislation so the same high standards can be applied to both private and public care providers. Such laws create the conditions needed to achieve higher quality in care and create fair competition, which in turn increase industry development and innovation.

In the public sphere, we also raise issues about legislation and regulations that we feel create a barrier to running our operations in the best possible way. Through our Lära education programs, we train care personnel and participate in research in the area of care.

Ambea cooperates with and supports organizations working with important issues for us, and whose activities are closely related to our business. In 2016, Nytida was a Diamond Sponsor for the “We Rule” (Kung Över Livet) fundraising gala, an event to bring attention to neuropsychiatric functional disabilities and raise money for research.